B2B Customer Support Benefits From Video Conferencing

videoconferencing customer supportThe customer support that one business gives to another (B2B) is different than the type of support needed for helping the general public. Most of the time, a customer calling a support center will be calling about a single item purchased for a single family’s use. Businesses, on the other hand, have invested time, research, and money into a product or service to be used by many departments and employees.

It’s not unusual for business clients to expect in-person meetings with support personnel. But time and money are increasingly an impetus for choosing video conferencing instead of the traditional business meeting because it is an efficient way to provide the support needed. All the visual cues of a traditional meeting are there; faces, expression, gestures, etc. But the non-traditional time saving technology allows everyone to stay on schedule, and that is a benefit many businesses appreciate.

WhyGo has a video conference facility booking system that makes it easy to set up meetings between businesses and the businesses that serve them. B2B customer support has never been easier than this. Public rooms, private rooms, ad hoc rooms, devices — all can be connected. It’s true that the quality of the connection might vary if a non-network facility is part of the video conference, but our support team can help you figure out what will be workable.

We are a business that provides support to businesses, and we have the same standards of professionalism. B2B customer support requires high standards, and video conferencing will allow efficient meetings without lowering them at all.

Go From 1 To 300 In One Fell Swoop

videoconferencing networkIf you have invested in equipping a video conference facility at your business establishment, you know that it takes a lot of time, effort, and expense to do it properly. But you will have only one facility, and one place to find it, unless you connect with other networks.  As a reseller on the WhyGo Network a single session can add your room (or rooms) to over 300 sites in one fell swoop.

By joining the network, you increase your income potential. Over 60% of our rooms are private facilities that have been turned into new revenue streams for their owners. But conferencing providers are in the network, too, as well as travel companies like GVNAirlines, WhyGo’s dedicated travel industry partner. That means your room availability gets global exposure alongside the top providers in the industry.

It’s just as easy to join as a reseller as it is to rent a room on our booking system, and that is pretty convenient. The three global support teams ensure there will be someone available 24/7 if you have questions and our wide range of reseller distribution products help you set things up for action.

Once you are part of the network, your room shows availability when you say it’s available. Clients can easily book a session, and our quick check-out sends you an email reminder right away. This reminder shows the key booking information and expected costs in time for corrections, if needed. It’s fast, efficient, online, and profitable. Take a look at joining our network today.


Tips For Multipoint Video Conferences

multipoint video conferencesWhen three or more sites come together for a remote collaboration, that multipoint format has some inherent challenges because you are, after all, not in the same place.

It’s a good idea to have one location manager for each site. This person is responsible to keep the details moving smoothly:

  • the location manager acts as the host and facilitator for each site
  • the location manager needs to understand how to adjust equipment as necessary, including muting and amplification when needed
  • the location manager should have previously been given all documents and taken the time to preview them as they will be used in the meeting (format, etc.)
  • the locations manager should announce changes at their site during the meeting (people leaving, technical issues, etc.)

When there are many sites connecting for a conference, it is generally considered wise to have an overall manager as well as the individual site location managers. This person acts as a traffic director would, ensuring the practical details are addressed.

  • the overall manager should introduce each participant site and allow each site to introduce participants
  • the overall manager should be experienced in video conferencing procedures and, if necessary, go over those procedures before starting
  • the overall manager should intercede where necessary and restore order in open discussions
  • the overall manager should track participation with a site list and ensure all parties have input in the meeting
  • the overall manager should have a clear grasp of the agenda and timetable, with the authority to summarize key points and decisions as well as items for the next meeting

When you schedule multipoint video conferences with WhyGo, there will be a lot of support during the process. You can also take a look at our Training Material and Information Guides and give us a call if you have questions.

What’s The Number One Benefit Of Video Conferencing?

videoconferencing productivitySome companies look into video conferencing to save money on travel expenses. Others want to make sure that employees are paying attention in meetings (hello, nanny cam!) while many people find that the benefit of interacting visually enhances the connectivity of a team.

A recent TechTarget article examining the benefits of video conferencing states:

For decades, enterprises have turned to video conferencing in large part as a means of reducing business travel expenses. However, a recent survey by Duxbury, Mass.-based Wainhouse Research of 4,700 end users of video conferencing found that the incentives for using video are shifting: 94% noted that the biggest benefit was increased efficiency and productivity; 88% cited increased impact of discussions; and 87% said video expedited decision-making — the same percentage who said it reduced travel. The survey was included in a whitepaper sponsored by video conferencing vendor Polycom.

Increased efficiency and productivity are the top benefits of using video conferencing technology to enable remote collaboration. That’s pretty impressive, but we are not surprised. WhyGo has been helping people do this for over ten years now, and we’ve seen the benefits of video conference first hand, over and over again.

The fact that you have a definite start and stop time probably have something to do with the productivity. You know there’s a deadline, so you cut the chitchat and get to work. At the same time, you get to know the people you are working with even though you are miles apart. Our public video conference rooms are available all over the world, and they have been a vital link in communications to bring people together to work as a team to get things accomplished.