Add An Income Stream By Being A Reseller

videoconference room resellerReselling your video conference room doesn’t mean you lose control of it, but it does mean that it won’t sit empty and useless. WhyGo’s reseller solutions provides a way for you to add an income stream by tapping into the $200bn meetings market as a public video conference room venue on the world-wide WhyGo network.

There are three ways to do it:

Every option gives you full control over when your facility is available, and you have the added support of the WhyGo Global Support Team, three top-notch groups of remote conferencing experts providing support from London, Sydney, or Dallas. That means every time zone, every day, no matter what you need to ask about our services there will be someone on the job.

Many businesses have found that being a reseller provides a passive income stream that more than pays back their investment in a room designed and equipped for video conferencing or telepresence. If they need the facility themselves, it is simple to block those times out on their calendar. If they don’t need it that day, it can be available for rental to a group or individual needing to set up a video conference in a good facility.

Everybody wins with WhyGo’s Reseller Solutions. Take a look at your expensive video conference meeting room and all the time, effort, and expense you invested in having a professional venue. Then take a look at your options with WhyGo for turning that empty room into an income stream by becoming a reseller on our network.

Go From 1 To 300 In One Fell Swoop

videoconferencing networkIf you have invested in equipping a video conference facility at your business establishment, you know that it takes a lot of time, effort, and expense to do it properly. But you will have only one facility, and one place to find it, unless you connect with other networks.  As a reseller on the WhyGo Network a single session can add your room (or rooms) to over 300 sites in one fell swoop.

By joining the network, you increase your income potential. Over 60% of our rooms are private facilities that have been turned into new revenue streams for their owners. But conferencing providers are in the network, too, as well as travel companies like GVNAirlines, WhyGo’s dedicated travel industry partner. That means your room availability gets global exposure alongside the top providers in the industry.

It’s just as easy to join as a reseller as it is to rent a room on our booking system, and that is pretty convenient. The three global support teams ensure there will be someone available 24/7 if you have questions and our wide range of reseller distribution products help you set things up for action.

Once you are part of the network, your room shows availability when you say it’s available. Clients can easily book a session, and our quick check-out sends you an email reminder right away. This reminder shows the key booking information and expected costs in time for corrections, if needed. It’s fast, efficient, online, and profitable. Take a look at joining our network today.


Top Reasons Video Conference Rooms Fail

how videoconferencing failsThe sudden need for a video conference often results in scrambling together a few screens and a camera in a back office and hoping for the best. Unfortunately, the best is not what you get. Video conference rooms have to be designed for the purpose of successfully transmitting picture and sound.

  • Lighting can cast weird shadows on faces and make it difficult to see expressions. Use several sources of brighter, diffused light from the sides and overhead.
  • Adjust cameras so they are above the screen. This way you look at each other instead of that shifty sideways stuff. Also, the screen should be eye-level when occupants are seated.
  • Have two screens in larger groups, one for content sharing and one for faces.
  • Pay attention to acoustics. Sound bounces off hard surfaces and distorts. Carpet, curtains, and sometimes acoustic panels will fix this problem. Also use the best microphones possible, like the multi-directional unit in the center of the table. Just remember that it picks up everything you say & do in the room.
  • Seating and table configuration should give everybody an equal view of the screens. It should also give everybody a good position for contributing to the conference, so check each seat for camera angles & mic access.
  • Background needs to be very neutral. Pictures, plants, etc. will clutter instead of enhance. The idea is to see the participant, not the decor.
  • Technology integration is another deal-breaker. If your devices can’t talk to each other, you are wasting everybody’s time.

Another problem many enterprises have with setting up their own video conference facility is the wasting of valuable resources. Tying up space and technology for a video conference room can cause budget restraints. But there are two ways to deal with this problem: instead of setting up your own, you can go to the nearest room on the WhyGo video conference facility booking system; or you can become part of the WhyGo network by adding your room. Our reseller solutions can turn a rarely used, well-designed video conference room into another stream of income.

Are All The Video Conferencing Rooms The Same?

video conference roomsThe WhyGo network has a lot of unique places where you can rent a video conference room for your remote collaboration. After all, it’s the largest live inventory of public video conferencing facilities in the world. In some ways, all of them are the same:

  • You get the same support from WhyGo
  • You get the same ability to connect with others in public or private rooms, in the cloud, or various devices. That ability is dependent upon compatible technology but…
  • You get a clear idea of what will work and what won’t if you ask your conferencing advisor

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that each room on the network is a clone of all the others. For example, one of the Recommended Links is a small video conference facility located in a Bed & Breakfast Inn in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. The Old Town Guest House offers a private room that is part of the WhyGo network and we handle their bridging requirements.

Other links will connect you to Israel (Boot Net Group), Argentina (EyTech), and VCS Ukraine. Each link gives you a bigger window into the facility or service offered by the company. Every location will have a unique factor because of the culture, and that’s part of the fun of global communications. This page is a good way for a smaller organization to get some attention, and it’s easy to link to the page.

It’s kind of exciting to see how the video conference and telepresence rooms on the WhyGo network are different. One single scheduling system integrates private and public facilities with desktops and devices. You could book online and get your whole conference set up in less than an hour. Bridging is a simple matter of granting access to the WhyGo system if you aren’t already on it. So many different venues in so many different places — but they all connect with WhyGo.