Want A Snapshot When You Schedule?

outlook booking systemOne of the nice features about our Outlook booking system is the ability to see exactly what the availability of your venues and people is for the dates you are trying to schedule. This “snapshot” of availability provides an overall look at all the factors:

  • private rooms
  • public rooms
  • dates
  • times
  • people
  • schedules

We even built in a conflict resolution feature to help you figure out when the best time for everybody will be, so you can get the meeting booked and on everybody’s calendar. And you can add a virtual room to your conference call invites with no problem — BlueJeans, Easymeeting, MS Lync, VidTel, or whatever works.

A lot of stuff works, too! With the WhyGo Outlook Plugin, any video device (IP/H323, SIP, Skype, Google+ or MS Lync) on any network, with any bridge or MCU can connect. It all can launch automatically ahead of your start time. If you aren’t sure about something, just ask our amazing Global Support team any time…and that’s available 24/7.

The ability to make communication simple is an ability we think everybody should have. The snapshot feature of the scheduling system does that! Whether you are using the Outlook Plugin or a company-branded system, you get the same simplicity of approach.

There’s no reason why a video conference has to be much more complicated than a phone call in today’s technological world. Sure, it is a little more complicated on the tech side, but on the user side? Try out the Plugin and see what we mean — you will be setting up video conferences like a pro.




Quality Or Convenience? Or Both?

convenience of communicationIs your use of video conferencing determined by the quality of the technology? Are you concerned with lighting, sound, and sharing of materials?

Or are you primarily concerned about the ease of scheduling a quick video meeting with as few steps as possible, and can you live with a few pixels scattering across the screen?

Remote conferencing does not have to be a choice between quality or convenience. With WhyGo’s Outlook PlugIn, you can have both. You can even use a web-based scheduling solution if you don’t use Outlook, and get the same functionality with your own company-branded scheduler.

The thing is, it is easy to schedule any of your contacts, using any software in any private or public room, on any device, anywhere. You can tweak things the way you like them, adding or dropping rooms and budgeting connection costs. You can even schedule things like a catered snack bar.

Both the Outlook PlugIn and the Company Branded Scheduling System are backed with our global support teams, too. That means you can call any time 24/7 and there will be someone available to answer your questions.

A lot of business people end up sacrificing quality for convenience out of frustration. They need to get work done and convenience wins because they don’t have time to mess with scheduling. Our solution lets you easily get your scheduling system set up with our support and you can get on with your enterprise. No worries, and a great network to work with.

Explore WhyGo’s room scheduling solutions and see how you can have both quality and convenience in video conferencing.

Who Can Not Use WhyGo’s Network?

videoconference bridgingOne of the great things about our global network of video conferencing and telepresence facilities is the way it can accommodate a meeting that includes someone who is not part of the WhyGo network. All you need to do is add your VidTel, MS Lync, BlueJeans, or Easymeeting details to your invites and those virtual meeting rooms connect to ours. That means anybody using Skype, Google+, MS Lync, SIP, or IP/H323 can join in the conversation.

Our Outlook plug-in launches any video system via any bridge or MCU, including Telepresence. You just ask us how and we will help you get all the connections checked before the meeting starts.

We work with most of the best video providers in the world, and our own network has over 3500 public venues. Our customers use this network and connect to others with help from our amazing global operation teams. With locations all over the world, there will be support for your meeting scheduling any time you need it, any time zone, any day.

Our video conferencing scheduling software is the best, and our support teams only make it better. You can add people, rooms (both public and private), and services of all types with one easy to use booking system. It’s great!

So, if you think you can’t use WhyGo’s Network, it’s time to find out why not. Explore the WhyGo website, then give us a call and we can answer your questions. Our technical support team can tell you if the systems or devices you are considering are compatible and how well they will connect to other venues. You might discover that all of them will work, because most of them do.

Can I Book Multiple Facilities At The Same Time Online?

multiple videoconferencing roomsThis question gets asked a lot because it is the way a lot of people function on the site. They have a list of preferred locations for all the parties involved, and it’s just easier for one person to book them all at the same time. So, the answer to the question is “yes.”

When you go to the WhyGo Video Conference facility booking system there will be an option for two categories of conference facilities, videoconference and telepresence. Both have a “book multiple facilities” option that brings you to a page that can be customized, site by site; for two, three, four, or five locations.

The multisite booking summary is easy to navigate. Every possible venue can be compared, from the number of guests it will accommodate to the type of equipment and services available. Both public and private rooms are included, allowing a complete menu of options to the booking party. Some sites have an automatic booking feature, allowing you to see all availability, others are non-automated.

Every feature of the WhyGo booking system has been carefully curated to be easy to navigate, but you also have access to 24/7 support via the global support teams. Since there are three scattered around the globe, you know someone is always alert to provide the support you need.

The multisite booking summary is a fairly new feature, and it is one that we added because customers asked for it. Try it out and tell us what you think of this option.