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Our full self service platform allows you to add your location/s,
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spaces availability

Instant bookings save everyone time and money!
You can use the amazing whyGo calendar provided or,
synchronize with you favorite calendaring system in seconds.

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4. Instant or request

When bookings in your spaces are made, you get to choose
what times of day, business hours, after hours or 23 hour,
if you want those bookings to be instantly confirmed or
require your approval

5. Quick check-out

We send an email immediately after the conference.
This allows you to update your final duration’s,
costs and any comments you have in seconds.

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Our pricing

Fees charged per space, per month, ex tax, cancel anytime

Private Spaces

  • Create / Manage Location/s
  • Create / Manage Space/s
  • Create / Manage Calendar Events
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Book / Edit / Cancel
  • Landing Page SEO

Private & Public Spaces

  • Same Features As Private
  • 0% whyGo Discount

Private & Public Spaces

  • Same Features As Private
  • 10 – 30% whyGo Discount

Promotional products

Get more visibility and more bookings with our promotional products.

Preferred venue

Preferred venues shoot to the top three positions of any venue search result for their city or suburb.
*Limited to three per city/suburb result page.

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Venue results fly-in ad

Venue owners get the opportunity to promote their venue
over the next guy for any given venue results page.
*Limited to three per city/suburb result page.

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Drive more customers to your listing with whyGo promotional tools.

whyGo is more than a booking system, it’s a network.

Our network of re-sellers and white label partners grows every week.
This means your chance of getting your meeting spaces booked grows every week.

Reseller network

We have over 400 re-sellers ranging from venue providers, communication, conference and event companies to name
a few. Share your meeting space with whyGo and our family
of re-sellers instantly becomes yours.

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Flexible work spaces

Work spaces and meeting rooms
by the hour, day, week or month.

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Real support. Real people.

We know what it’s like to need support growing your business. Our philosophy is to create value for your business
by providing you with the best tools in the market place that will help us do the very same thing you do.
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