Beginners guide to filling seats

Beginners guide to filling seats

Beginners guide to filling seats

Do you resell your meeting, training or desk space? Then this guide is perfect for you!
Every month whyGo will be updating this guide with the very latest industry tips & advice to fill your empty seats and get as much occupancy as possible.

Beginners guide to filling seats.

We felt it was about time we started giving back to our venue suppliers and creating some value for them.
The best way for us to do this was create a series of How To Fill Your Seats guides that will detail the very best strategies and tools meeting room, training room and desk space providers are adopting to fill their seats.

Your beginners guide to filling your seats.


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Sure, there will be the odd whyGo plug, that is expected, but our aim is to provide you with a very non-biased and independent look at the industry and report on what we believe to be the best strategies the market has to offer. Our first three sections tackle channel partners.

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2016 guide to fill seats

  • Best practice channel strategies
  • Calendar sync – free / busy
  • Low hanging promotional fruit
  • Latest tools to drive sales & efficiency

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