whyGo re-brand 2018

whyGo re-brand 2018

whyGo re-brand 2018

Why did we re-brand you ask? Well the answer was simply perfect timing. With the global restructure of the business over the past eighteen months well behind us and the looming launch of our new meeting space booking system in the coming weeks, we felt it was perfect timing.

whyGo logo.

Nothing was wrong with the old logo, it served its purpose when we just provided video conferencing meeting spaces however now that we are blasting into the world of meeting rooms, training rooms and office spaces, it became apparent that we needed an icon and a logo that was more generic and more in touch with today’s great branding concepts in the SaaS software and service markets.

whyGo re-brand icon

So where does one go to for design and re brand inspiration and help? 99Designs.com of course! We simply held an online competition and got 100’s of design ideas. Our icon direction was simple, a single but super simple icon that said to the looker, Search, Location and whyGo.

We are extremely happy with the result of that competition as we ended up with an icon that not only embodies what we do and who we are but is also clean, simple and uncomplicated. Here is the storyboard of the elements that make up our new re-branded icon.


How much is too much?

When it came to the rest of the logo, the actual words themselves, some smart research suggested that in the world of re-branding, one should never be too dramatic as this can make customers lose the plot and send them into a spiral of depression and excessive drinking and gambling. We love our customers so we chose to stick with the existing wording design and just alter the color schema to suite the new logo.

It has been a fun process and we hope everyone loves the re-brand as much as we do.