Why Rent A Public Video Conference Room?

There are a lot of reasons why renting a public video conference room is a good idea, and since there are over 4,000 venues around the globe on the whyGo network, it’s easy to find a room near your location. More than 1,100 of these venues offer live availability, so you can instantly see if that particular facility is available and get a confirmation in seconds.

Why rent a public video conference room

Good Reasons For Renting A Public Video Conference Room

Here are some of the top reasons for using a public video conference room:

  • Avoid costs in buying the equipment. Video conferencing equipment can range from $2k to $250k.
  • Avoid costs associated with the staff and 3rd party support needed to make it all.
  • Avoid travel costs or at least reduce your spend.
  • In some cases, public video conference room rental is a tax write-off as a business expense (you have to check with your accountant on this one but it’s worth asking about).
  • You can utilize several of the high-quality public video conference facilities in your area and see what works for your enterprise before investing in your own facility.
  • Help save the planet by partnering with others to share facilities.
  • Help save the planet by not making your attendees travel to your location.
  • Time is saved by a quick local video conference instead of a business trip.

Of course, some of these reasons apply to those who have video conference rooms in their building but the fact is, many do not. Even a conference with some attendees using their own facilities will often include attendees who need to find a way to participate, and public video conference room rental provides that need with professionalism.

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