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Brussels, renowned as the largest urban area of Belgium is the city of dynamic and diverse architecture. It is amongst the most prominent ancient cities and traveler’s attractions worldwide. The city is also celebrated for beers, breweries and cocktail festivals. Many of the Belgian breweries will offer you a chance to taste their greatest beers. Belgium is a nation which claims a culture of beer making and produces 450 diverse variations in beer. The chief region of Brussels populates nearly 1 million people. Owing to its nearness to the coastal region, Brussels experiences a mild marine climate throughout the year whose general outcome is in the form of hordes of grey skies and showery climate. Nevertheless, May and September are considered to be the best time to stopover the city. Some of the city’s famous landmarks are Grand Place-Grote Market, Parc du Cinquantenaire-Jubelpark, statue of Europe, mini Europe, museums and galleries, breweries and much more. Brussels has great video conferencing facilities. The services of video conference are spread out across the city. You can always make contact with three globally operating teams which are working around the clock to schedule your video conference and telepresence venues. With no trouble, you can associate a private video conference with whyGo’s exceptional public video conferencing facilities.

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