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14 day FREE Ubiety trial won’t last. Hurry!

14 day FREE Ubiety trial won’t last. Hurry!

WhyGo has secured you a 14 day FREE Ubiety trial, one of the best business class conference to any device platforms in the universe. What’s better is you don’t even need to change your hardware.

In walks Ubiety, without a doubt one of the easiest to use cloud based any device conferencing platforms in the market today. Simply put, Ubiety allows you to connect any of your video, audio & web conferencing devices, with anyone else. e.g. Your pc with your customers tablet.

Every conferencing company and their dog is offering a virtual room of some shape or color, all offering any device and high quality video calls. However after test driving the Ubiety product and then reading their sales rhetoric, “easy to use high quality video, web and audio conferencing on any device”, it’s actually true.

Click here to get your 14 day FREE trial.

I know right, 100% beef that is actually made of 100% beef. The stand out feature of the Ubiety platform is the ease of use and that it connects to everything. Check out their video below.

Latest update

Ubiety just recently launched their latest version of the platform which offers:

  • better super high quality video calls! (better than traditional HD)
  • full interoperability with PC/Mac/iOS/Android, web browsers via native WebRTC with no downloads – WebRTC folks basically means using your browser, so as an example, opening up Google Chrome and logging in and your connected via your browser… how cool is that!
  • full interoperability with traditional video conference units like Cisco/Polycom.
  • full interoperability with Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, Skype and phone participants.
  • basically can connect to any device using any system, you can even utilize your existing conferencing/desktop/mobile hardware and software.
  • swap devices midcall on the fly.
  • and… can scale to thousands of participants per call

Don’t take our word for it, grab yourself a free trial today and let us know what you think?

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