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Why Rent A Public Video Conference Room?

Why Rent A Public Video Conference Room?

There are a lot of reasons why renting a public video conference room is a good idea, and since there are over 4,000 venues around the globe on the whyGo network, it’s easy to find a room near your location. More than 1,100 of these venues offer live availability, so you can instantly see if that particular facility is available and get a confirmation in seconds.

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Good Reasons For Renting A Public Video Conference Room

Here are some of the top reasons for using a public video conference room:

  • Avoid costs in buying the equipment. Video conferencing equipment can range from $2k to $250k.
  • Avoid costs associated with the staff and 3rd party support needed to make it all.
  • Avoid travel costs or at least reduce your spend.
  • In some cases, public video conference room rental is a tax write-off as a business expense (you have to check with your accountant on this one but it’s worth asking about).
  • You can utilize several of the high-quality public video conference facilities in your area and see what works for your enterprise before investing in your own facility.
  • Help save the planet by partnering with others to share facilities.
  • Help save the planet by not making your attendees travel to your location.
  • Time is saved by a quick local video conference instead of a business trip.

Of course, some of these reasons apply to those who have video conference rooms in their building but the fact is, many do not. Even a conference with some attendees using their own facilities will often include attendees who need to find a way to participate, and public video conference room rental provides that need with professionalism.

When you are comparing the costs of traveling to a conference – tickets, hotel room, loss of productivity, and time – to the costs of setting up a video conference room rental, it helps to have a team like WhyGo on your side. There are a lot of variables that will affect your specific conferencing costs.

Setting up an account with WhyGo is simple: Ask us to do it. Account holders get the globally standard 30 days of credit to pay their invoices, and we will ask that a credit card be on file as security.

In general, you can assume a range from $180 (£130) to $320 (£250) per hour depending on the location. Taxes will vary, too, according to the local structure. Rooms are rented for at least one hour, and most WhyGo venues will charge in 15-minute increments after that minimum. Some venues use a 30-minute or 1-hour increment pricing schedule. Your specific room costs will be explained by the WhyGo booking agent when you set up your video conference. Ask about anything that seems unclear.

You will be charged for the time you reserved at booking even if your meeting ends sooner than planned. For instance, if your telepresence facility was booked for two hours and your conference lasted one hour and forty-five minutes, you will still be charged for the original allotment.

If you cancel your booking at least two working days (minimum 48 hours) before the meeting was scheduled to start you will not be charged. Between 48 and 24 hours before the scheduled start, a cancellation fee of half the total charges will be required. If your meeting is cancelled within one working day (24 hours) of the scheduled start, WhyGo will charge the full cost of the meeting rooms plus any network charges incurred. This will compensate our team members who have set up your meeting to automatically start.

Many times WhyGo staff spends a great deal of time contacting venues, confirming details, and arranging your videoconference. Some bookings may involve non-refundable scheduling fees that you will be advised about prior to confirmation.

Bookings can be cancelled in one or two ways:

Have more questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and see if the answer is there; if not, call us!

If you’re in charge of a room designed for video conferencing and want to get the most out of your location, you should consider setting up an automated calendar booking system with WhyGo. The end result will give you more customers, less hassle, and greater connectivity with other video conferencing groups acros the globe.

Let’s look at the facts: Over 70% of the world’s biggest public video conferencing room vendors use WhyGo’s booking system to enhance their business experience. That means that when you’re signed up with a booking calendar at WhyGo, you’ve got access to the majority of other people in your field, including bookers and agents, with the click of a button.

So how does it work? All you do is put up your video conferencing room on an online calendar. This will set you up to display the availability of your service in real-time to both WhyGo and over 40 agents and bookers across the world. What does that mean for you? More bookings, less time spent e-mailing, on the phone, or faxing, and an overall streamlined booking process.

If a booking is made, everyone involved receives an instant confirmation to let you know that everything worked out fine. The booking will also be added to your calendar for easy use of reference.

The whole process is painless and highly profitable. All you really have to do is keep track of a single calendar. Using WhyGo’s system will guarantee that you’re getting the most possible out of your venue.

When you schedule your conference with WhyGo we make sure you know what all the costs will be. Therefore, even if you have booked and confirmed directly online, you may get a call from a WhyGo Operator letting you know that there will be extra charges.

For instance, a video conference room rental booked and confirmed to DIAL OUT costs more, so you are contacted to ensure dial out is preferred over ISDN or IP. Bridging services via ISDN/IP networks are additional charges billed in 15-minute increments, so we make sure you know what the potential cost of connection is before you confirm. Then your actual use is computed accordingly based on the hourly price quote and the nearest 15-minute increment.

The customer setting up the video conference is considered the responsible party and will be charged for the cost of connecting to the other venues at the rate prevailing at time of use. Your WhyGo Team representative will be able to give you these rates when you book your meeting.

Other extras that can incur additional charges are special equipment, recordings, overrunning the meeting, a meeting that is out of normal hours, and services the local venue offers. These services vary and any cost will be explained before you choose that option. WhyGo will add the extra charges incurred to your invoice as well as any local taxes that apply.

The customer named on the invoice is the person who set up the meeting and is considered personally responsible for the payment of all invoices. Setting up an account with WhyGo is a matter of asking for one; the global standard of extending 30 days of credit to pay the bill will be in place. A current credit card is required to be on file for security and we accept all major credit cards.

The three global operations teams at WhyGo are in London, Dallas, and Sydney. That means the UK, US, and Australia time zones and fast, efficient delivery of service. We can help you set up your next video conference room rental and know what to expect in extra costs. Contact WhyGo today for a quote!

With the rapid developments in whyGo corporate account technology that have taken place over the last handful of years, the need for facilities and rooms dedicated to video conferencing and telepresence has increased dramatically. There are now thousands of locations all over the world that specialize in providing you with cutting edge video conferencing in a comfortable and sophisticated environment. WhyGo offers the premiere room booking service for the world’s video conferencing facilities. Its database of locations includes over 5,000 facilities all over the world, ranging from California to London to Sydney. With centers in three distinct time zones, WhyGo is able to offer customer support and booking services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can make bookings via e-mail or by telephone, but perhaps most notably, WhyGo specializes in online booking.

The online video conferencing booking module allows you to follow four easy steps to get your video conferencing set up. They are as follows:

  1. Find your facility. You can choose to look specifically for a video conferencing facility, or a higher-end telepresence facility. You can also choose to make multiple bookings and look up multiple locations at once. You simply enter the location you want to find a room in and let the system search. You can search by city, country, or even by postal code.
  2. Select your center. If you chose a major city as your search query, you may find many different facilities to choose from in the same region. On the other hand, if you’ve entered a less populated ara, the system might find the closest available center.
  3. Customize your meeting. Here, you can choose different preferences for various accommodations and other specifics related to your conference.
  4. Confirm & book. Once you’ve finished everything else, and have selected an open time slot, you can finalize your booking and have it confirmed instantly.

It’s a fast, efficient approach to scheduling video conferences. Use WhyGo to make your bookings today!

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